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Multisorb Technologies offers a broad range of Natrasorb® Desiccant Bags in standard sizes from 1/6 to 80 units. NatraSorb Bags conform to the weight and adsorption capacity requirements of MIL-D-3464E.

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These bags are used for a variety of applications including electronics, bulk chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products.

Multisorb's smaller Natrasorb Bags are the only unit sized desiccant bags made with uncoated Tyvek®, resulting in lower cost while providing superior seal strength and taking up less space inside the package.

Natrasorb® Bagged Sorbents have several distinct advantages for your packaging:

* Sized to meet specific requirements

* High strength, non-dusting Tyvek® bags available

* Wide range of desiccant types available

* Compact bag sizes provide adsorption capacities equal to those of larger size bags

* Environmentally-friendly design as the smaller sizes require much less film and result in far less waste

Typical applications include:

* Electronics

* Machine parts

* Mechanical equipment

* Photo equipment

* Food

* Bulk chemicals

* Instruments

* Pharmaceuticals

* Shipping containers

Bag materials to suit specific requirements

For maximum cost-effectiveness you can choose from several bag materials, including heat-sealed, coated crepe Kraft™ paper; non-woven sewn Rayon®; and Tyvek® spunbonded, high density polyethylene.

Natrasorb® Bagged Sorbents:

Natrasorb M (Montmorillonite Clay)

Natrasorb M is made by the controlled drying of bentonite clay, a natural material. Natrasorb M has the advantage of being able to both take on and give up water repeatedly without substantial swelling or deterioration.

Natrasorb S (Silica Gel)

A hard, clear, porous, amorphous form of silica gel, Natrasorb S is manufactured from sodium silicate. It contains a vast number of submicroscopic pores which attract water vapor, and hold it physically through surface adsorption and capillary condensation. It will adsorb as much as 40% of its weight in moisture and obtain dew points as low as -73°C (-100°F).

Hi-Dry® (Molecular Sieve)

Molecular sieve desiccant is synthetic, crystalline material composed of sodium alumino silicate activated by a network of uniform pores and empty adsorptive cavities. Where temperatures exceed 25°C (77°F) and/or the critical relative humidity is below 40%, Hi-Dry has an immense capacity for moisture adsorption.

Natrasorb C (Calcium Oxide)

Calcium oxide is capable of high adsorption at low relative humidities. This makes it ideal for the packaging of dehydrated substances in which product integrity must be maintained. Packaging is capable of sustaining the expansion of calcium oxide which results from adsorption.

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