Top 10 Facts Food Processors Must Know Before Deploying X-Ray Inspection


Bob Ries
Lead Product Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific Product Inspection
Pat Reynolds
Editor in Chief
Packaging World
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This webinar will introduce x-ray inspection basics to those not familiar with the technology and explain why more and more food processors are adopting it for foreign object detection and product inspection. It will then review the 10 most important aspects of x-ray systems that are important to understand before evaluating, purchasing and installing this rapidly evolving technology. These topics relate to technology, application performance, operator use, installation, training, maintenance and the total cost of ownership. With this background you will be ready to start vendor selection and your first factory installation.

  • Learn what x-ray systems do for food processors and why leading companies are installing them
  • Understand how to figure out what type of system you need and what the performance will be
  • Hear about what is needed to get your production staff to use and embrace this new technology
  • Understand what x-ray systems cost to purchase and maintain over their expected lifetime

A Q&A session will immediately follow the live webinar.


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