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Flexible packaging’s performance characteristics
main image Ron Romanik, Contributing Editor
For many years, packaging professionals summarized the functions of packages into three major “buckets”: Protection, Utility, and Motivation. Here, we expand on those buckets for flexible packaging and learn how it can perform many functions.

1. Protection for delivery. A package protects a product—and itself—from the rigors of shipping, distribution, storage, and use. A consumer pays for a product and expects to receive the full value. Packaging plays a crucial role in delivering that value:
      • Hermetic seals that completely contain the product,
        protecting it from spilling
 or contamination from the
      • Toughness that prevents breaching of package
        walls by outside physical forces 
or abuse.

2. Protection for processability. The objective is to minimize waste through the entire chain of production and use of a product. A successful flexible package should be able to:
      • Customize the force required to slide the
        packaging material or the package
 against other
      • Be optimized for packaging machine ease of
        operation or to prevent items from
 sliding relative to
        each other in distribution.

3. Utility for consumer containment, freshness, and tailored transmission. Every product has its own needs for freshness and barrier properties. A flexible package can:
      • Provide tamper-evident features that help ensure
        the product integrity for use—or that it’s even still
      • Offer opening and resealing features that facilitate
        multiple package accesses and uses while
        securely containing the product.

4. Utility for consumer-added functionality. Flexible packaging technologies have progressed to improve product storage and add preparation functions:
      • Shelf life: Vacuum-packed food or personal items
        for long-term storage.
      • Microwavability: Food that can be warmed or
        heated thoroughly in the package.
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Case Study
Case Study presented by Clearwater Paper
Frozen-food carton coating allows high barrier protection with minimal plastic
In this case study, you'll learn how High Liner Foods, a major North American provider of frozen seafood, reduced packaging plastic by 40,000 lb/yr with a mineral-based carton coating that delivers high barrier protection. Clearwater Paper Corporation now applies Smart Planet Technologies' EarthCoating to 300 SKUs of paperboard cartons for Sea Cuisine, Fisher Boy, and private-label brands.
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