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Free White Paper: Tailored Automation Solutions for Performance-Driven Machinery
Free white paper: Tailored automation solutions for performance-driven machinery
The value proposition offered by any full-service automation supplier is the support and services available throughout the selection and integration process. Leveraging an automation supplier to become an extension of a machine builder’s engineering organization is a partnership that requires serious consideration.
Aerotech, Inc.
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Linear and rotary servomotors and drives
Linear and rotary servomotors and drives
Aerotech U-channel & flat linear motors offer superior performance, while our brushless rotary servomotors provide low torque ripple, smooth velocity and max torque/acceleration.
Aerotech, Inc.
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Integrated machine control with Aerotech's MotionPAC
Integrated machine control with Aerotech's MotionPAC
Aerotech MotionPAC integrates motion with the PLC environment for a 30 to 50% reduction in development time. Based on IEC61131-3, programmable in .NET, with diagnostics and tools.
Aerotech, Inc.
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Free White Paper: Automation Controllers Reduce Deployment Risk in Machine Design
Free white paper: Automation controllers reduce deployment risk in machine design
An automation platform can play a significant role in reducing risks associated with many of the development issues confronted in machine design. Furthermore, an automation solution that improves engineering efficiencies provides an opportunity to increase the value of the finished product as compromises are not made.
Aerotech, Inc.
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Single- and multi-axis motion controllers scalable to your application
Single- and multi-axis motion controllers scalable to your application
From the stand-alone single-axis Soloist and 1-10 axis Ensemble, to our software-based 1-32 axis Automation 3200, Aerotech has a scalable, easy-to-use controller to fit your needs.
Aerotech, Inc.
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Cabinet-free packaging machines?

In the last edition of this newsletter, we featured a handful of new developments that Packaging World Blogger and Contributing Editor Keith Campbell found at interpack 2014. Here’s three more.

• Will cabinet-free packaging machines be next? Gerhard Schubert GmbH showed a system at interpack that did away with the well known and sometimes scorned electrical/pneumatic control cabinets. With IP65- and perhaps even IP69-rated sensors, motors, drives, cylinders, power supply, logic box, and HMI screens, an entire machine might be wired together with plugs and cables, with all of the components mounted at the point of use with the possible exception of the electrical disconnect and fuses, although there is no theoretical reason that these, too, could not also be self contained. For the machine builder, this allows a very modular design and a smaller footprint. And the detailed engineering can largely be done by the component suppliers. Which raises the question of what do we need an electrical controls engineer for anymore? One drawback of this approach is cable management. Bundled cables create many hard-to-clean crevices where dust and bugs will love to congregate. I saw some terrible cable management schemes on the floor. Those machine builders might want to study machinery OEMS that focus on pharmaceutical operations to see how they do it.

• The term "printing" has developed new meanings well beyond what we might have thought of a few years ago. Today's printing applications include at-line label printing that truly allows for package order quantities of one. Some European beverage companies have already implemented campaigns where the package is fully personalized. A more pervasive use may be to customize labels to varying requirements of different states or countries. Watch out for the big box retailers wanting their own custom labels. And why couldn't we use packages like newspapers carrying the results of the latest sporting events delivered the next day?

Read the full article here....

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Beckhoff: Automation interface increases software engineering quality >>
Designed to reduce errors, programming time, and costs associated with manual processing of control projects, Beckhoff Automation’s new TwinCAT 3 Automation Interface automation software enables remote control of TwinCAT engineering systems and the automatic generation of programs and configurations.
Beckhoff Automation
Wago: Compact, surface-mount terminal blocks >>
Suited for solid-state lighting applications that often utilize metal-core PCBs, including compact or miniaturized LED modules and LED bulbs, Wago’s 2059 SMT PCB terminal blocks series offer an extremely small (2.7 mm high), fast, cost-effective alternative to soldering leads.
Wago Corporation

B&R: Helical gearboxes >>
B&R’s two new helical gearboxes, the 8GP70 series with a shaft output and the 8GF70 series with a drive flange, provide smooth operation for absolute precision, excellent synchronization characteristics, and a very low noise level at high speeds.
B&R Industrial Automation
NK Technologies: Current sensing switch >>
Featuring a single turn potentiometer, new ASD Series Current Sensing Switches from NK Technologies provide a limit alarm contact with easy adjustment.
NK Technologies
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Just published is the Manufacturing Workforce Development Playbook, with over 200 pages of information on training the next generation of skilled workers. More than 20 contributors from business and education offer details about successful programs, action plans for all stakeholders, and how to use data to plan for the future.
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