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Beckhoff Automation

Stainless Steel EtherCAT I/O for IP 69K Requirements
Stainless Steel EtherCAT I/O for IP 69K Requirements
The new Beckhoff EQxxxx EtherCAT Box I/O series in V2A stainless steel housings feature protection class IP 69K. These rugged and robust I/O modules are designed for use directly on machines in application areas with high hygienic standards, such as in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.
Beckhoff Automation
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Stainless Steel Servo Motors with One Cable Technology
Stainless Steel Servo Motors with One Cable Technology
The dynamic AM8800 series servo motors from Beckhoff are IP 69K rated for wash-down capable installation. The motors also feature One Cable Technology (OCT) which combines the power and feedback system into one standard motor cable.
Beckhoff Automation
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Resilient Stainless Steel Control Panels
Resilient Stainless Steel Control Panels
Water-resistant CP77xx and CP79xx panels from Beckhoff Automation meet strict hygiene regulations and are ideal for the food & beverage, packaging and medical industries.
Beckhoff Automation
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Multi-core Performance from DIN Rail Mountable Embedded PC
Multi-core Performance from DIN Rail Mountable Embedded PC
Ideal for controlling packaging machines, the CX2000 Embedded PC series from Beckhoff Automation integrates leading edge multi-core processor performance with a highly modular design.
Beckhoff Automation
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EtherCAT Servo Terminal Supports One Cable Motors
EtherCAT Servo Terminal Supports One Cable Motors
Beckhoff's new EL7201-0010 servo terminal supports innovative One Cable Technology (OCT), combining power & feedback signals into one streamlined cable. Servo terminals from Beckhoff's EtherCAT I/O system integrate a complete servo amplifier for motors up to 200 W in a compact housing measuring just 12 mm wide.
Beckhoff Automation
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Trends in automation in healthcare

In a recent issue of Healthcare Packaging, Contributing Editor and On The Edge blogger Keith Campbell shared his thoughts on what the future of automation for healthcare manufacturers might look like.

Here are just a few of his insightful observations.

•It is a widely held belief that the pharmaceutical and medical device industries lag behind other industries in their application of automation…as with all generalizations, there are certainly exceptions to the rule. Many pharmaceutical packaging lines are every bit as automated as the best consumer packaged goods (CPG) lines. There are some fine examples of the application of mechatronics in machines from the likes of PharmaWorks or the Marchesini Group. Advances in tamper-evident packaging flowed from the pharmaceutical industry to the food industry, driven by urgent need. Advances in serialization will likely flow in the same way.

•Nano-manufacturing will bring new materials to bear on old products, open up potential new products based upon new material properties, and usher in a whole new device segment of nano-machines. Automation will not be an option with nano-manufacturing.

•Regulation is a huge distinguishing factor for a healthcare plant. Automated systems are more complex than manual systems. As a result, they have been more difficult to validate, adding to time and cost. Increased application of international standards, improved physical design, better software development methodologies, and experience will all tend to mitigate these differences going forward, making automation more doable for pharmaceuticals and devices. Increased information handling demands and increased liability risks will make automation more necessary and justifiable.

•When regulation is absent but anticipated, it leads to uncertainty. Uncertainty is the enemy of investment. Manufacturers do not invest when things are uncertain because returns are unpredictable. Industry in general has been holding back on investment due to uncertainty in the economy. This uncertainty has been magnified for pharmaceutical companies by proposed serialization regulations and for medical device companies by new taxes adopted with the Affordable Care Act. Once all of this becomes clear and stable, there may be a pent-up demand for automation in healthcare manufacturing that will relieve itself through the coming decade.

Read the full article here....

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Wago: Terminal blocks with pushbuttons >>
Suitable for PCB-based LED lighting and industrial electronics, Wago’s 2061 Series SMD PCB Terminal Blocks with Pushbuttons provide connection for incoming power to an LED driver, or for higher power LED modules, and accommodates a broad range of conductors.
Wago Corporation
Clippard: High-flow bidirectional electronic valves >>
Designed using a unique, patented valving principle, Clippard’s DV Series Minimatic electronic valves are compact, precision-built 2-way control valves that provide flows to 100 l/min.
Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.
B&R: Compact controllers with integrated I/O >>
With real-time Ethernet onboard, B&R’s X20 system includes a new series of compact controllers with 32 built-in digital and analog I/O channels; additional I/O modules can be connected either locally or remotely using cables.
B&R Industrial Automation
Pepperl+Fuchs: LED scanner provides 2D distance measurement >>
Suitable for automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) tasks in the material handling and logistics industries as well as machine and plant engineering applications...
Pepperl + Fuchs
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Just published is the Manufacturing Workforce Development Playbook, with over 200 pages of information on training the next generation of skilled workers. More than 20 contributors from business and education offer details about successful programs, action plans for all stakeholders, and how to use data to plan for the future.
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