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ProSoft Technology Inc.
Do you have an aging control system and can no longer find replacement parts?
Do you have an aging control system and can no longer find replacement parts?
Sooner or later you’re going to have to upgrade your legacy Remote I/O system. Running a new Ethernet network can be a costly endeavor. Our innovative migration gateways and Industrial Media Converters allow you to run Remote I/O and EtherNet/IP™ simultaneously over your existing Blue Hose cable.
ProSoft Technology Inc.
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Need a custom/proprietary protocol or function?
Need a custom/proprietary protocol or function?
Introducing the 'C'/'C++' Programmable Modules for ControlLogix and CompactLogix. Each 'C'/'C++' Programmable Module allows the user/developer to write a custom application in a C+/C++ programming language that interfaces to the Ethernet port(s) and serial ports of the unit.
ProSoft Technology Inc.
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Are you a Rockwell Automation user and need a Modbus tutorial?
Are you a Rockwell Automation user and need a Modbus tutorial?
This Modbus tutorial teaches you about Modbus Serial and Modbus TCP/IP communications. In addition, it goes over Modbus addressing, data structures, function codes and physical network considerations.
ProSoft Technology Inc.
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1734 Point I/O Modbus Solutions
1734 Point I/O Modbus Solutions
Didn’t think you could have Modbus® Serial communications in a CompactLogix™ L1x or 1734 Point I/O adapter? Think again. ProSoft's ILX34-MBS in-chassis modules are the answer.
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Are you tired of maintaining slip rings and festooning cables?
Are you tired of maintaining slip rings and festooning cables?
Don't let the high cost of maintaining slip rings and festooning cables get you and your budget down? More packaging automation applications are choosing industrial wireless for its flexibility and lower cost. Industrial wireless can connect a plethora of automation equipment, eliminating the need for costly wires.
ProSoft Technology Inc.
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PackML Workshop draws OEMs and CPG companies at TAC
A special component of The Automation Conference in 2014, produced for the third time by Summit Media Group, was a PackML Workshop one day ahead of the conference. The workshop, which was produced in cooperation with OMAC, drew 38 registrants, about half from the Consumer Packaged Goods / end user camp and the other half from packaging machinery OEMs.

"We got a lot of good feedback on the workshop, which we called 'Demystifying PackML,'" says Chris Thomas, who was the workshop instructor and is also Senior Electrical Engineer at packaging machinery builder Axon, a part of the ProMach group. "It had been our experience that workshops on PackML tend to be at a very high level, to the point where it all becomes a bit scary. PackML is an important thing, but it doesn't have to be scary, especially if you use the tools that are available out there. Procter & Gamble, for instance, as well as countless technology providers have developed templates that are very helpful because they mean you don't have to start from scratch with each machine you build."

I asked Thomas to comment on the observation occasionally made that PackML comes with an added cost to the packaging machinery OEM, a fact that has caused some OEMs to shy away from implementing it.

"Is there a cost upfront? Yes, there is some upfront development cost involved where reconverting some code is concerned. Your machine needs to be viewed in terms of the Make2Pack model, where you decompose or modularize the machine into its elements. But once you've gotten past this, you quickly see the benefits to be gained. You can take a single element and test it as its own entity. It doesn't care about anything else going on in the system. Once these modules are established, the next time a machine comes along, you just go to a library and there you have all these threads and blocks that all work, so all you have to do is plug them together. Here at Axon, we can hammer out a machine much more quickly than in the past thanks to PackML. That's why the entire ProMach Group is so committed to it. The message from our CEO is a very clear one: This is the way to go. "

When asked if PackML brings a competitive advantage, Thomas agreed that it does. "Once you understand it, it's pretty much obvious that it's the smart way to do something," he added. "It makes so much sense from an engineering standpoint. If customers push for it, that's even better because it underlines the validity of doing it in the first place."

Thomas notes that at Pack Expo International this Fall, Axon will have a brand new machine that takes full advantage of PackML.

The Automation Conference 2015 is scheduled for next May and will again be in the Chicago area. Those interested in presenting at the conference should email

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Compact, high-speed, robotic tray loader
Cama Group has configured a total of 12 Delta-style robots in a compact space to work simultaneously to pick pieces from a conveyor belt and load them into trays.
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B&R: Automation components for packaging lines >>
B&R’s reACTION and NetTime technology helps make it easy to integrate a wide range of advanced automation technology into packaging machines, reducing response times in industrial automation applications down to 1 µs, and allowing extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware within IEC 61131 requirements.
B&R Industrial Automation
ABB: Heavy-duty safety switches >>
Designed for a wide variety of applications including food and beverage processing, material handling, and conveyors a new line of heavy-duty safety switches from the ABB Low Voltage Products division, with enclosed, maintenance-free mechanisms and touch-safe, visible blades, meet UL98, CSA, and NEMA KS-1 standards for demanding service-entrance and motor-load applications.
Balluff: Universal vision sensor >>
Balluff's new BVS Universal Vision Sensor provides 360° part position detection, defect finding, contour based counting and matching, bar code reading (linear and 2D DM), and OCV, and comes with a serial port and digital I/O.
Pepperl+Fuchs: Ultrasonic sensors >>
Pepperl+Fuchs’ IO-Link compatible Series IO ultrasonic sensors with pushbutton programming provide fast and easy on-site sensor parameterization without software, and unlock a series of control functions that customize the sensor for installation in the most challenging environments.

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Rethinking your workforce training strategy? Here's the resource you need!
Just published is the Manufacturing Workforce Development Playbook, with over 200 pages of information on training the next generation of skilled workers. More than 20 contributors from business and education offer details about successful programs, action plans for all stakeholders, and how to use data to plan for the future.
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