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Flexible packaging specification guidelines...
main image Ron Romanik, Contributing Editor
How do you get started with the process of deciding what film or films to use or include in a flexible structure or rigid package with film barrier? Plenty of polymers and film production methods are in common use in the industry. A basic understanding of the choices available and the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches can simplify the selection process and get you moving faster toward a good solution.

This section will provide a look at the basics of an area of technology that is fundamental to the flexible packaging industry, has application to some semi-rigid and rigid packages, and affects every consumer who purchases packaged goods. Let's get started.

1. Start at square one. Before even starting to think about polymers and production options, it's important to first know what to focus on. The goal is to specify the attributes or properties that matter in converting and end use for film structures that work in such a way that the supplier can make satisfactory structures consistently and efficiently, and that the converter and end user receive materials that consistently meet their needs at a cost appropriate for the use.

2. Take an integrated perspective. It's critical to appreciate the multifaceted goal of a flexible package project while breaking down the essential elements of this goal so they guide us in our choosing and specifying activities. Remember that this is not an exercise in choosing just a couple of elements. Flexible packaging development requires a coherent, integrated approach that needs all elements in place to succeed.

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Stand-up pouch machine with top spout closure applicator
Shown at the AlliedFlex Technologies booth is the Mespack H-220 stand-up pouch machine that automatically applies a special top spout closure for products including baby foods and applesauce.
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