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Sliced apples stay fresh for 36 days

Reichel Foods has moved from nacho chips and dip to luncheon meat to PBJ ‘Snax’ to carrots to celery, all in thermoformed trays. Now comes sliced apples with a 36-day refrigerated shelf life.
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Among the packaged fresh produce marketed by Reichel Foods are carrots and, most recently, sliced apples.An eight-nozzle depositor fills caramel dip into the sauce compartment of freshly thermoformed and filled trays.Automatic cartoner can be fed randomly.Shrink bundling was upgraded recently with a new machine.Photo above shows a bundle of cartons heading into the shrink tunnel.

What better street in Rochester MN than Enterprise Drive to house a firm as driven and enterprising as Reichel Foods? Founded in March of ’97 the company has wasted no time in establishing itself as a supplier of packaged snacks modeled after the incredibly popular Lunchables brand snacks from Oscar Mayer.

First it was nacho chips and salsa which need no refrigeration. Then it was packages of luncheon meat cheese and crackers with a 60-day refrigerated shelf life. Next the innovative firm expanded into Dippin’ Stix: 4-oz refrigerated carrots or celery packaged with a flavored dip. Now comes an even more impressive feat of packaging: fresh sliced apples in portion packaging that provides a 36-day refrigerated shelf life. This has been achieved thanks to a combination of barrier materials modified atmosphere and lessons learned from experimentation.