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Packaging World      Online Editor, Abbey Lewis
SPONSORS May 23, 2008 | Edited by Abbey Lewis

High-speed unscrambler comes with 3-year warranty>>

The new NECOSORT-III high-speed plastic bottle unscrambler has a unique design consisting of a rotating vertical drum and only two moving parts, reducing maintenance and downtime. It also has the smallest footprint in the industry!

Nalbach Engineering Company, Inc.

New liquid dispensing flip-top cap, ideal for marinades and sauces>>

Imagine your marinade pouring from the bottle with a controlled directional flow. No mess, no liquid running down the bottle sides. Watch the footage behind the scenes at a focus group to find out what consumers are saying about the new dispensing closure from Weatherchem.

Weatherchem Corp.

Hygenic conveying for your food packaging needs>>

We offer line layouts, controls, and handling functions as well as our striking new hygienic conveyor. Based on your demands on output and flexibility, different line concepts offers the best solution.

Flexlink Systems

White paper: Pressure-sensitive labels ideal for slider/zipper packages>>

Consumers increasingly want a way to reclose their perishable-content packages without resorting to either rubber-banding, chip clips, or transferring the contents to a storage container. In this White Paper from EPI Exact Packaging, find out the cost-effective alternative for labeling slider/zipper packages: pressure-sensitive reseal labels, which cost just pennies per package and offer consumers an easy way to reclose bags.

EPI Exact Packaging Inc.

SleeveCo offers an award-winning shrink sleeve sample pack>>

SleeveCo offers a sample pack that includes shrink sleeve labels, stretch sleeve labels, prepress, cyliner engraving, plate making, mockups/sales samples, and more.



Krafting a better bottle

A streamlined PET bottle from Kraft Foods, Northfield, IL, designed for its line of 50-plus salad dressing varieties has earned a DuPont award after achieving a 19% reduction in weight over the previous packaging and providing multiple consumer conveniences. The redesign, begun in 2005, was originally undertaken only to contemporize the bottle in an effort to boost sagging sales and rejuvenate the brand's on-shelf appearance, according to Kraft Salad Dressings senior brand manager David Ervin. ... Read more


Water BIB flows in Brazil

Two essential resources, drinking water and wood, play a pivotal role in an award-winning package: Lindoya Vida. Translated as "Life in Box," the 22-L (5.8-gal) octagonal bag-in-box of mineral water is from bottled water supplier Mineral Mantovani, based in Lindóia, about 95 miles northwest of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The BIB package system comprises an outer corrugated box with two die-cut handles made by Klabin - Brazil's largest paper producer ... Read more


Bag-in-Bottle system

When Gaplast GmbH's customer built a new production plant recently, the company decided it was time to explore a more efficient manufacturing process for its disinfectant spray bottles. (Gaplast GmbH's customer chose not to be interviewed for this article). The firm's 1-L bottles used for disinfecting lab and surgery room surfaces required a four-part process as well as manual assembly. Bottles were extrusion blow-molded using HPDE. A separate foil bag had to be stuffed into the bottles manually to maintain ... Read more


The buzz on the bee bottle

Launched in fall 2007 by Golden Heritage Foods LLC, the Barry's Busy Bee Pure Honey product, in a 2-oz shaped bottle with a shrink-sleeve label, brings the likeness of animated feature film Bee Movie star, Barry B. Benson, to life. When asked about the inspiration for the package, Golden Heritage CEO Dwight Stoller says: "Well, first of all, bees are rather small characters. We thought that this would help personify Barry Bee; we thought it added to its 'cuteness,' and that children would be more attracted to it. We also saw it as creating ... Read more

Packaging Law Forum

Announcements copy for enewsletters

Food recall advice for packagers - Be prepared with expert advice from a state official about food safety emergencies and recalls. Learn what makes an effective recall and the pitfalls to avoid. Packaging Law Forum discusses a variety of food and beverage packaging topics, June 17 in Chicago. ... Learn More

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