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Packaging World      Special Projects Editor, Gretchen Edelbrock
SPONSORS: October 13, 2011 | Edited by Gretchen Edelbrock

Video: Hi-res case code printing system with touchscreen preview >>

Video shows Pilot Pro ink-jet case-coding system with new drag-and-drop touchscreen technology for message previews.

Squid Ink Manufacturing

Video demo shows tool-less changeover for servo-driven rotary auger filler >>

Unique video from Spee-Dee opens with time-lapse photography showing how easy it is to add change parts without tools, and follows with live-action footage of the machine in operation. Speeds to 400 per minute.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

Video shows economical, combination case packer and palletizer >>

Brenton BantamPro ELSP combination system is designed as an upgrade path for manual low speed manual hand packing and palletizing. Integrates previously separate machine functions including case erecting, loading, sealing and palletizing functions into one compact, all-in-one, low-cost, integrated machine.

Brenton Engineering

Energetic Feed System for Small Energy Drink Bottles >>

Shibuya Hoppmann's custom designed Bottle Feed System uses unique urethane scallops to singulate and orient empty 2 ounce energy drink bottles. The system then ionizes and flips them 180° and takes them downstream to filling operations at an output rate of 525 bottles per minute.

Shibuya Hoppmann

Tabletop bagging machine improves productivity in fill/seal applications >>

This video offers potential buyers a clear understanding of the bagging machine’s capability to boost productivity, improve quality, and give the organization greater flexibility. This machine is for users requiring fill/seal production rates of up to 25 bags per minute.

Automated Packaging Systems


Metal detector with digital signal processing

The STEALTH metal detector from Fortress Technology offers full backwards compatibility, ensuring spare parts and upgrades are readily available for existing systems. Part of the PHANTOM metal detectors series, the STEALTH unit includes powerful digital signal processing (DSP) technology to provide high-speed precision detection, while ultra-sensitivity levels detect the smallest metal contaminants... Read more

X-rays detect low-density contaminants

Anritsu’s Dual X technology uses 2 separate x-rays to provide a more exacting means of detecting bones and other low-density items. Developed to enhance the performance of its KD7400 line of X-ray Inspection Systems, Dual X technology differentiates between product and contaminant by analyzing 2 separate x-ray energy signals. Designed for use in the poultry industry, where bones are... Read more

Eco-friendly conveyor for food, pharmaceuticals

Dynamic Conveyor’s DynaClean conveyor system is easy to clean and offers flexibility in configuration and reconfiguration. Designed for food, pharmaceuticals and other applications where cleanliness and sanitation are required. Offers a conveying solution that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The conveyor layout and configuration can be changed when food processing or packaging needs change... Read more

Servo packer for fragile containers

Standard-Knapp’s 939S Versatron™ Soft Catch Servo Case Packer features a lowering head module to handle the thinner, lightweight, and more fragile glass containers being used in the move towards more sustainable packaging. Designed primarily for wine, liquor, and beer containers. The lowering head module, also known as a soft placement head, can pick up bottles and other containers and carry them to the packing... Read more

Thermal transfer printer for pharmaceutical, food packaging

Norwood Marking Systems’ 53XL thermal transfer printer is an economical, high-performance printer that features a print area up to 2 x 3.1 in. (53 x 80 mm) to allow users to print more serialized, variable, batch and/or fixed text and graphics to packages and labels. The 53XL is capable of printing GS1 barcodes for track-and-trace and electronic pedigree serialization. Available in intermittent... Read more

Steered-beam laser coding system

The high-speed Lasetec III from Industrial Dynamics/filtec is a laser coding system that provides high-quality permanent characters, graphics, logos, 2D data matrix and bar codes on PET, plastics, carton materials, labels, glass and more in any character orientation. Its modular head can be angled, rotated or even placed remotely for confined spaces. Standard IP65 design provides protection... Read more

Label printer applicator provides default calibration

ID Technology’s IDT Model 252 Label Printer Applicator uses Centerline Modularity to create an easily identifiable reference point for default calibration in product identification machinery. Centerline Modularity is a proprietary process that identifies and catalogues all possible points of adjustment in a machine, and then eliminates as many of those adjustment... Read more

All-mechanical tray former

The VASSOYO all-mechanical tray former from Eagle Packaging Machinery runs a variety of trays including standard end slot, side slot, and clam shell, with or without a lid, up to 40 trays/min. With its built-in quick size changeover system, changing from one size to another takes minutes. An extended hopper option allows loading of the hopper for non-stop production. The tray former features: heavy-duty... Read more

PVC-free metal cap liners

Sacmi’s PMA24L PVC-free liners for metal caps are designed for large twist-off caps used for jams, ready-made sauces, baby food and other foods at risk for contamination from PVC. PMA24L liners are strong and leach-resistant, capable of withstanding hot filling, pasteurization and sterilization at temperatures over 100 degrees. The machine that produces the PVC-free lined closures provides zero possibility of product contamination and is able... Read more

Integrated sortation software optimizes material flow

Intelligrated’s InControlWare® Warehouse Control System (WCS) for IntelliSort® tilt-tray and cross-belt sorters provides an alternative to standalone sortation software, coordinating inbound and outbound material flow as well as induction, chute and packout operations. The software also provides efficient order fulfillment, streamlined communication and complete facility control... Read more

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