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Packaging World      Online Editor, Abbey Lewis
SPONSOR: Econocorp Inc. September 16, 2008 | Edited by Abbey Lewis

WHITE PAPER: Cartoner Saves Space, Creates Money>>

The ECONOSEAL E-System 2000 cartoner reduces footprint by up to 75% and provides fast return on investment.

Econocorp Inc.

SEE VIDEO: Cartoning up to 20 CPM>>

Watch the E-System 2000 intermittent motion, horizontal cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing cartons.

Econocorp Inc.

SEE VIDEO: Cartoning up to 40 CPM>>

Watch the Spartan intermittent motion, horizontal cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing cartons.

Econocorp Inc.

SEE VIDEO: Cartoning up to 120 cpm>>

Watch the Pegasus continuous motion, horizontal cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing cartons.

Econocorp Inc.

Success Story Cartoning Applications>>

See an archive of creative customer solutions for cartoning, trayforming, and casepacking.

Econocorp Inc.


Case Cutter

Cornerstone Automation System Inc. offers its Automated Box Opening Technology (ABOT). The company says it's the first automated pass through case cutter designed for handling thousands of sizes in random order. Machine saves labor... Read more

Metal detectors

Lock Inspection Systems' MET30+ Universal range of metal detectors provide accurate, reliable detection of real life metallic contaminants such as swarf and wire, in both 'wet' and 'dry' applications. SEE THEM AT PACK EXPO—Booth # S-1366. Utilizing Lock's single high frequency, crystal-controlled oscillator, the MET30+ Universal hf offers up to 40% higher sensitivity than standard ... Read more

Continuous ink-jet printer

The Z5000 Continuous ink-jet printer from Zanasi provides up to 5 lines of high resolution print (32 dots) with height range from 0.8 to 14 mm. The Z5000 also features logo and 2D data matrix creation, a variety of inks—including white pigmented ink, a wash down IP65 rated cabinet, and an integrated traversing system that ... Read more

Slim, dual-arm robot

Slim and agile, with "human-like" flexibility of movement, Motoman's new dual-arm SDA10 robot is slimmer, stronger, and has faster acceleration than the previous DIA10 model. It also provides more flexible tool motion and a higher load-carrying capacity, and its arms are set forward to maximize the work envelope. This design makes the robot suitable for a variety of assembly, part-transfer, packaging, and other handling tasks that formerly could only be done by humans. Features 15 axes of motion (7 per arm, ... Read more


Leak tester for pouches

The VeriPac 325/D from PTI Inspection Systems is a nondestructive leak tester for foil barrier pouches and poly peelable chevron-designed pouches. System uses a flex chamber that conforms to package shape and size, with a flexible membrane that reduces test chamber headspace to a yield maximum test sensitivity detecting down to a 10-micron hole size in pouches as large ... Read more

Bar distribution system

Campbell Wrapper's new bar distribution system automatically distributes products to a series of individual wrapping machines. The system includes row management conveyors designed with tool-less belt removal for ease of cleanup and maintenance, as well as gentle handling of products such as granola bars, nutrition bars, and soft cakes. Lift, staging, and transfer conveyors distribute rows ... Read more

Integrated packer/lid fitter

The BC50 from Cermex is a combined tray packer and lid fitter that operates at speeds to 26 cases/min. The integrated unit provides product handling in addition to extraction, transport, and forming to ensure an efficient process that can also be customized to specific product shapes and collations. Accommodates ... Read more

X-ray protection

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has launched AdvanChekPlus, a fast and reliable way to introduce X-ray inspection into food production lines. Easy-to-use system can be set up in minutes and is said to deliver improved sensitivity over traditional detection methods, while combining contaminant detection with gross mass measurement. Ensures the detection of foreign bodies, such as metal, stone, glass, bone, and ... Read more


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