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Packaging World      Special Projects Editor, Gretchen Edelbrock
SPONSOR: National Bulk Equipment, Inc. April 11, 2011 | Edited by Gretchen Edelbrock

Bulk Bag Unloader with Integrated Material Conditioning Reduces Cycle Times by 25% >>

See how this automated, NBE bulk bag unloader system uses a fully integrated, 4-stage material conditioning sequence to prepare a large, rock-like material for downstream process liquification. NBE integrated conditioning has proven to reduce bag unloading cycle times by 25%, compared to free-standing conditioners.

National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Bulk Bag Filler with NTEP-certified Weighing Ensures Bag Weight Accuracy to +/- .01% >>

See how this bulk bag filler with integrated, NTEP-certified (Cert. No. 07-108) weigh system ensures filled bag weights are accurate to +/- .01% of total bag capacity; to 4,500 pounds. NBE bulk bag fillers provide reliable, repeatable bag weighing relative to fillers with bolt-on load cells that may vary in accuracy.

National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Bulk Container Dumper Automates Material Supply from Input Stage to Downstream Feed >>

See this automated bulk container dumper system from NBE manage material supply from the input stage, through discharge and conditioning, to downstream feeding of finished material. Full, 180-degree container rotation ensures complete discharge. Operator interaction is limited to container loading and removal.

National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Sanitary Bag Dump Station Enables FDA, USDA, and 3-A Compliance; Supports cGMP >>

Sanitary bag dump stations from NBE are specifically designed for WIP and CIP applications; eliminating extended cleaning and inspection downtime common when general, industrial design units are force-fit into sanitary processes. Includes food-grade, high-efficiency material filtration and re-introduction system.

National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

Bulk Blending System Produces Highly Homogenous Blends; Reduces Material Waste >>

See this material blending system produce highly homogenous blends of sluggish material. NBE mixers use custom re-entrainment feeders at the base of the mixer, and broad-throw dispersion paddles at the top of the mixer to produce a consistent, highly homogenous material blend supply to downstream packaging operations.

National Bulk Equipment, Inc.


Automatic bag loader for cheeses

The BLX-F2 taped bag loader from Sealed Air’s Cryovac® Food Packaging offers processors configurable options using roll or boxed taped bags for an expanded variety of product sizes, shapes and weights. Designed for cheddar and Italian cheeses, the BLX-F2 allows processors to program their in-feed for both in-line and perpendicular product separation and staging, depending on the application. The new loader also handles a wider range of product weights, from 8 oz. to 12 lbs., and requires minimal time for change-overs. Operates at speeds of up to 45 cycles/min. depending on product length, while ensuring gentle loading to maintain product integrity... Read more

Scribing laser

Domino’s most powerful laser yet, the D620i 60W scribing laser features a compact, modular system that is easy to integrate on host machines. The D620i offers a new high-speed option--now available across the D-Series i-Tech range--which allows users to achieve 20% greater throughput. The i-Tech scan head is positioned at an angle of 45? relative to the direction of travel of packs on the line, thereby increasing the available linear marking area. This in turn increases the space and time to scribe complex code information. In addition, higher energy density delivers the precision marking required for accurate reproduction of small 2D codes... Read more

Modular rPET system enables self-manufacture

Phoenix Technologies’ rPET small-capacity version of its proprietary compact, modular equipment is designed for brand owners who self-manufacture PET containers and who want to support a positive environmental profile. The small-capacity system (4 million pounds of rPET annually) has a 1,000 sq. ft. footprint and can be built in 160 days. Based on the company’s patented technology for the commercial production of food grade LNO™ rPET. The resin has received letters of no objection at up to 100% use from both the Food & Drug Administration and Canada Health The unit uses virtually no water and only 2.3 million kilowatts hours... Read more

Load transfer station with pallet cart

Columbia Machine’s Load Transfer Station (LTS) with Pallet Cart (LTS-C) allows the fork truck driver to place the “go to” pallet onto a pallet cart allowing the process to complete automatically. The LTS-C is capable of transferring products that are packaged in cases, barrels, drums, bags and pails from one pallet type to another, including plastic, chep and GMA pallets that are commonly used in both receiving and shipping applications. The unit helps eliminate injuries to warehouse workers and associated insurance claims, streamline plant and warehouse operations, improve plant and process cleanliness (as part of GMP compliance)... Read more

High-resolution sensor

The MARK-EYE® Pro from Tri-Tronics is a high-speed (45us response time), high-resolution sensor designed to accurately detect printed registration marks on continuous web machinery. The sensor uses the broadband characteristics of a white LED light that provides the high resolution needed for detecting a wider range of color combinations on any color background... Read more


Side belt random case taper

The SB-2 EX random case taper from EZ-Tek Industries provides cost-effective top and bottom case taping for large run case sealing of random case sizes using pressure-sensitive tape and featuring a rugged side belt drive. The system’s unique and simple design keeps production and maintenance efforts to a minimum and provides fast and efficient alternatives to hand taping. The SB-2 EX Random offers fast and easy case changes with adjustable side belt drive and flexibility ranging from 4.5 in. to infinite box length. Also able to seal cases ranging from 4.5 to 23 in. in width, as well as 4.5 to 23 in. in depth. Automatically adjusts to random-sized boxes... Read more

Load seeking clamp reduces film breaks

Exclusively available on Lantech’s SL automatic stretch wrapper, the Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 (patent pending) was created to reduce film breaks. The Load Seeking Clamp’s design holds onto the film, preventing film breaks, and releases at the clamp. When film breaks or releases at the clamp, it requires the operator to reset the machine, which causes downtime. If it happens more than once, then the operator may begin adjusting the wrap force setting--resulting in lost containment and higher film costs. Also, at the beginning of the wrap cycle, the Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 goes out to the edge of the load to create a clamp to load contact regardless of the... Read more

Cartoner provides pharmaceutical adherence packaging solutions

The MGS Stealth™ cartoner operates at speeds up to 250 pieces/min. in either Batch mode for pre-sealed blister cards, or as an automated on-line system to bundle carded blisters. The cartoner serves as the central piece of application equipment to produce MeadWestvaco’s award-winning Dosepak® product. It can also be utilized for blister-loading in the production of MWV’s Shellpak® product. Can be used in Batch mode or online with a thermoformer, and an optional ECP pre-feeder is available to reduce the number of operators required. Other Adherence Packaging formats... Read more

Plastic cap compression press

Designed and developed mainly for the lightweight single-piece HDPE cap market, Sacmi’s CCM48SB plastic cap compression press provides enhanced productivity in the production of caps for water, hot filling and CAF (cold aseptic filling). The advantages of the CCM48SB compared to the company’s previous version, the CCM48SA, are: reduced cycle time--just 2 seconds as opposed to 2.4; reduced energy consumption: CCM48SB => 0.4 kWh/kg; reduced maintenance times--all parts subject to preventive maintenance have been carefully assessed and redesigned to minimize the number of necessary tasks, and parts have also been optimized... Read more

Tray loader/case packer

Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries, Z Automation’s Model TP7.5 50I is a versatile, intermittent motion machine that can erect and load display trays and RSC cases. The tray loader/case packer loads various types of products, including blister packages, cartons, card decks, sachets or pouches. Products can be loaded into multiple display tray sizes, including chipboard or corrugate... Read more


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Safety on your mind? Hear from the experts, and learn why safety is also good for the bottom line.

This year’s Packaging Automation Forum on April 26 will feature a discussion on "The Role of Controls in Packaging Machine Safety." Panel presenters from Kraft Foods, PMMI and Safety Compliance Services will focus on safety standards, building a safety culture, safe machine design and the performance improvements that follow.

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