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B&R sponsors new education pavilion, student contest

“This is all about investing in the future of packaging innovation,” cites B&R Industrial Automation president Marc Ostertag as the reason for becoming the exclusive sponsor of the all-new PACK EXPO Education Pavilion and the Student Design Contest.

Ostertag contends that the packaging industry is experiencing a skills gap, between rapid changes in automation and information technologies, and the design engineers and technicians who must apply and maintain ever more productive and sustainable packaging machinery.

“The packaging community faces an education imperative,” says the packaging automation provider. “We all need to step up to the plate.”

Modular Packaging Systems doubles integration facility

At Modular Packaging Systems' new 27,000 square foot headquarters in Randolph, New Jersey, the plant floor currently holds two complete filling lines a third line being built up for PACK EXPO (Booth C-544), plus ten slat fillers and two electronic fillers with plenty of room available for the next project.

This capability goes along with the growth in the company's systems integration business, as company spokesman Andy Smith explains, “These are turnkey systems with complete integration, OEE tracking and centralized monitoring systems” using B&R automation technology.

“We’ve also had more and more requests for serialization in the past two years,” according to Smith. “B&R's new Power Panel is ideal because it is powerful enough to handle the required Windows applications and vision systems.”

“We're taking that next step,” he says, “where the central monitoring system also becomes the server for serialization.”

Automation minimizes product giveaway in cheese slicing

Among the highlights on this new cheese slicing and packaging line is a novel use of X-Ray scanning combined with powerful controls technology from B&R (PACK EXPO Booth S-5111) capable of processing data in milliseconds. Even more impressive is the slicing accuracy that’s provided by the new line's CFS Giga Slicer (PACK EXPO Booth S6325). Such accuracy, made possible by a new use of X-Ray scanning, is all the more impressive considering that the holes in the cheese make product density something of a moving target and that four logs of cheese are being sliced at one time.

Large pharma, CPG and food companies lead OMAC meetings

Nestlé continues to demonstrate its commitment to the OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) by taking on key committee chair roles alongside a growing number of other OMAC member companies.
Notable among new members is Pfizer, which contributed actively to the development of the Make2Pack and PackML initiatives.
Interested parties are invited to attend OPW meetings at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011, Room N-219, on Tuesday, September 27, beginning at 1 pm.

Best practices for on-machine help systems

Seven simple rules to make every help system more effective, written by an electrical engineer with extensive experience in the design of packaging machinery. Visit the author at PACK EXPO Booth S-5111.

A new take on distributed motion for packaging machinery

It's not uncommon today to see servomotors with the drive electronics onboard in low power configurations.

But what about applications where a linear motor or a torque motor or a stainless steel motor is required? Or where more power or speed is needed than heat-sensitive motor-mounted electronics can handle?

Enter a new category of IP65 rated, distributed drives—B&R Industrial Automation's ACOPOSmulti65 series. Instead of mounting the drive to a mated motor, the drive is mounted directly to the machine in a convenient location and is connected to standard catalog motors.

Semptember 2011

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