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Shelf Impact! Marie Mohan

Dynamic labels combine visual intrigue with tactile feel to create shelf appeal

Looking to establish its wine as a premium brand, while capturing consumers’ attention, Caliza Winery turned to WS Packaging Group to print a label design that called for a balanced combination of printing techniques and graphics features, including heavy de-bossing, scuff varnish, and varietal-specific colors.

WS Packaging Group Inc.

MegaFlapTM – Weatherchem’s Newest Innovation

Easy, convenient access and scoop retention. With a large embossing area for maximum shelf impact, Weatherchem's MegaFlap is ideal for nutritional powders, snack foods, and many applications. See it at SupplySide West Booth 10011.


Choose Cartons: Because packaging matters

The packaging you choose does make a difference. Introducing Choose Cartons, a campaign that encourages consumers to think past the contents in a package and think about the package itself. The initiative also gives consumers the chance to share the benefits of cartons and help raise $15,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

Evergreen Packaging

xpedx is packaging expertise

xpedx helps you find smarter ways to market your products and generate profitable sales. By bundling together innovations in design, engineering, materials, equipment, workflow and logistics, you can lower costs, improve quality, promote sustainability and optimize the supply chain. Click this ad to learn more.


Video overview: Laser marking and coding for every application

Videojet has developed the 3000 series of laser printers to deliver consistent, superior quality permanent marking. This video from Videojet highlights the common features of the 3000 series products and covers the capabilities of most interest to plant personnel.

Videojet Technologies Inc.

Shelf Impact! Advisory Board

Our packaging experts help shape the content and provide independent analysis.

October 19, 2012
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thumbImproving packaging design ROI

This year, Perception Research Services is celebrating its 40th year of helping clients

thumbPackage Gallery

Portable, stackable single-serve wine launched

Anne Marie Mohan, Editor, Shelf Impact!

Over the past several years, a number of new packaging formats have been introduced for wine that depart from the traditional glass bottle. Among these have been innovations in aluminum cans, liquid cartons, PET bottles, and even pouches. Some of the packages have been developed to offer a single-serve solution, while others provide greater portability and allow consumers to enjoy wine in venues where glass is a less convenient option. Many times, however, consumers perceive these products as subpar-quality wines.

In March 2012, Newport Beach, CA-start up Stacked Wines, LLC launched a portable, single-serve PET wine package backed by more than 18 months of product and package engineering that provides both quality and convenience. Packaging for STACKED®, which comprises four interlocking, stackable stemless PET wine glasses bundled in an eye-catching shrink-sleeve label, uses proprietary technology to provide up to a 14-month shelf life, a sophisticated drinking experience, and a supply chain-friendly footprint.

The line's three California wine varietals—Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Merlot—are also said to have been created by the company's in-house sommelier with light and refreshing flavor profiles designed to match the casual venues in which they are meant to be enjoyed.

"This is not just a packaging concept," confirms Jodi Wynn, co-founder and vice president of marketing and business operations for Stacked Wines. "It's a premium wine that offers convenience. We don't see this as just a novelty; we see it as an improved way to package premium wine."

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Improving packaging design ROI

Scott Young, President, Perception Research Services Intl.

This year, Perception Research Services is celebrating its 40th year of helping clients, through packaging and consumer research studies, win at retail with effective packaging. And without question, over that time, our belief in the power of packaging has only grown, as we've seen many success stories where innovative packaging has built brands and driven sales.

However, our experience also suggests that many marketers are not fully or consistently leveraging packaging as a marketing vehicle. In fact, across more than 10,000 studies, we've found that only 50% of new packaging systems provide a significant improvement in overall performance, relative to current packaging. While an optimist may say, "The glass is half-full," there's clearly room to improve this success rate.

With this thought in mind, we recently reviewed our database of past projects, to identify key drivers of success—and failure. Specifically, our objective was to understand why some initiatives failed to meet expectations and to identify systematic patterns that were limiting success. This article shares key themes from this analysis, along with several recommendations for improving the return-on-investment (ROI) of packaging.

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Science informs design to perfect gelato pack

Anne Marie Mohan, Editor, Shelf Impact!

How do you take an award-winning package and make it better? That was the dilemma facing Florham Park, NJ-based Ciao Bella Gelato in 2009, when it sought to redesign the graphics for its 16-oz ice-cream containers for greater consumer appeal. Artwork for the intensely flavored, all-natural line of gelatos and sorbets was originally created in 2000 by Wallace Church, a New York City branding firm that subsequently won design awards for its bold vision for the brand.

But as Ciao Bella discovered over the next nine years, beautiful, bold artwork does not always translate into product sales. Explains Deborah Holt, vice president of marketing and natural sales for Ciao Bella, "Our challenge was that while the package looked great on the shelf, it wasn't necessarily selling the gelato and sorbet."

To take its packaging to the next level, Ciao Bella and design firm Interact On Shelf employed a unique innovation technology from Affinnova, Inc. that allowed them to test a virtually limitless number of concept variations—6.7 million, to be exact—with current and potential consumers to identify the top concepts. The resulting design, which combines the bold, color-drenched brand equity of Ciao Bella with new elements that assist consumers in picking the product up off the shelf, has been shown to outperform the former design by 65%.

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Video Image
Off the Shelf Video: Truvia’s stand-up pouch with convenient pour spout
Cargill’s Truvia uses packaging to market the natural sweetener with sugar, this time for its 1.5-lb Truvia Baking Blend stand-up pouch with a pour spout that offers easy opening and closing.

Package Gallery

A closer look at the newest trends in today's packaging.

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Triangular, handled yogurt multipack

From Hong Kong, China, this six-pack (two layers of three) of yogurt cups priced at 29.90HKD/USD $3.85 offers a convenient handle for carrying that folds up from the paperboard sleeve carrier and offers shelf impact with its unique shape. Notably, Hong Kong stores charge consumers extra for plastic grocery bags, so this is a particularly helpful convenience for this market. -Rick Lingle, Contributing Writer

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Redesigned can energizes Celsius

In the energy/weight loss/fitness beverage categories, package graphics tend toward the dark side. To differentiate its Celsius-brand drinks, Celsius Holdings, Inc. is rolling out brighter-colored, upscale packaging—and introducing a single 12-oz can in addition to the four-pack varieties already on the market. Celsius CEO Gerry David says, "New package design is very important to Celsius, because it clearly positions Celsius as a premium, credible brand that resonates with Celsius' target consumer. The primary, differentiating messages—burn more calories and lasting energy—are prominently featured in a clean, fresh design."

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Misty forest is muse for men's personal care line

Drawing inspiration from the dewy natural forests found on South Korea's volcanic Jeju Island, Duffy & Partners has created a vista of strong, masculine package formats decorated with evocative treescapes for the new Innisfree Forest for Men personal care line. According to Duffy team designer Katie Evans, for the new launch, Innisfree wanted an identity system that would reflect the simple beauty of its natural offering. "For the Forest for Men packaging, we were inspired by the earthy woodiness of nature and forests," she says. "We strove to exemplify that through our inspiration for this project, which was the unadulterated natural forest of Jeju Island. We thought the best way to interpret the island was to design packaging that evoked a visceral feeling of nature when the product is used."

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