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Ultrasonic sealing technology that reduces materials, maintenance, and energy Ultrasonic sealing technology that reduces materials, maintenance, and energy
Triangle demonstrates the versatility of its ultrasonic sealing technology in this video. The sealing technology is designed to reduce material consumption through a 50-80% narrower seal versus heat. There is also a reduction of package headspace and a potential reduction in secondary packaging.
Triangle Package Machinery Company
Video shows latest multi-lane stick packaging f/f/s technology Video shows latest multi-lane stick packaging f/f/s technology
Fres-Co video shows Alfa form/fill/seal machine for stick packs, with up to 24 lanes and 100 cycles/min. Video explains dosing options for both liquids and powders.
Fres-co System USA
Touch panel interface packs high performance features Touch panel interface packs high performance features
Video on Proface HMI modular touch panel Model GP-4000M shows advances in high resolution, communications capabilities, and connectivity options, and enclosure size.
Pro-face America
Overview of latest-generation small-character ink-jet videos Overview of latest-generation small-character ink-jet videos
Watch this fast-paced video to learn about Markem-Imaje's 9232 range of small-character printers. Video quickly covers cost-reduction, performance, reliability, and sustainability benefits. Learn about improvements to ink handling system that avoids spills and messes.
New rapid prototyping technology for custom thermoformed packaging New rapid prototyping technology for custom thermoformed packaging
White paper from Plastic Ingenuity describes fused deposition modeling technology that provides 3D prototypes that are of much higher quality and more durable than molds created from traditional rapid prototype machines.
Plastic Ingenuity
May 7, 2012
Seven tips for buying liquid
filling equipment
by Brian Kelly, Contributing Editor
There are several things to keep in mind when selecting liquid fillers to ensure the right fit for your application:
1. Understand how the machine might affect product characteristics. You need to think about the impact of the filler on the product you’re packaging. The state or viscosity of the liquid can be inadvertently changed, based solely on the construction of the equipment. For example, running a liquid through extra elbows, pipes, and pumps can change the viscosity, resulting in a liquid that is much too thin. High speeds can also impact some products negatively; you need to keep the product characteristics front-of-mind when selecting equipment.

2. Look at ease of cleaning. Pay attention to the cleanability of equipment. When filling bottles, keeping the nozzle clean is of primary importance to good manufacturing practices. Simpler design is better: make sure the equipment doesn’t have nooks and crannies that can harbor microorganisms.

3. Think about lightweighting. Plastic bottle lightweighting continues to be a major trend, and with cost and sustainability advantages, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. So be sure to look for unscrambling and filling technologies that will accommodate progressively thinner bottles…

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Case study
One can line begets another
Oriental Brewery was so pleased with the turnkey, high-speed, highly automated can line it installed last year, it's installing a near twin this year.
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Supplier News
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Tri-Tronics acquires Photocraft >>
Dual leadership for OYSTAR >>
New Equipment
Nalbach Engineering Co. Telesonic Packaging Corp. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc.
Bottle orientor for asymmetric bottles Side-seal shrink wrapper Filler combination system
Omega Design Corp. Industrial Dynamics/filtec A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.
Bottle unscrambler accommodates serialization Pressure/leak detector High-level bulk depalletizer
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Bernoulli’s Principle in robotic pick-and-place
At Siscodata’s Ipack-Ima booth, a pick-and-place robot was on display whose key operating principle relies on Bernoulli’s Principle rather than vacuum pick up, which means it can pick up a donut with a hole in the middle as well as other products that are difficult to pick with a vacuum end effector.
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