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Shelf Impact! Anne Marie Mohan

Driscoll's® Berries builds stronger consumer confidence with track-and-trace label

Looking to create a stronger connection between its berries and consumers, Driscoll's® adopted a track-and-trace labeling system that allows consumers to trace their berries back to the field of origin. WS Packaging Group produces the labels with a variable 2D code and corresponding human-readable alphanumeric code.

WS Packaging Group Inc.

An introduction to extended content labels for designers, marketers, & brand owners

Your product isn't getting any larger, so, how do you maintain shelf appeal, get brand messaging across and meet regulatory requirements? For many Consumer Product Groups the answer is extended content labels (ECL). Download this white paper from Quality Assured to learn more.

Quality Assured

Foodservice innovation: Stock rectangular deli packaging with universal lid sizes

Data sheet from Plastic Ingenuity shows clear, thermoformed food packaging in 8-, 16, 32, and 48-oz rectangular sizes with one universal lid size.

Plastic Ingenuity

Sport drink cap (with overcap) assembly system

Shibuya Hoppmann designed a Sports Cap Feed and Capper Assembly System for a major closure manufacturer. The system feeds, orients and assembles spouts and locking caps at an output rate of 200 ppm using an eight-station continuous motion assembly system.

Shibuya Hoppmann

Rigid container project in the works?

New! Download this free, 50-page Rigid Container Design Playbook jam-packed with strategies for success, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Whether your job involves package design or package development, download this playbook now.

Packaging World

Shelf Impact! Advisory Board

Our packaging experts help shape the content and provide independent analysis.

October 17, 2011
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thumb Online learning courses sharpen packagers' skills

Launched in August, the Packaging Education Alliance was created to provide in-depth online learning for packaging professionals

thumbPackage Gallery

Customization for the new 'Me Generation'

By Jenna Smith, Partner, Smith Design

In today's marketplace, getting something just the way you want it has become the rule rather than the exception, and in a sea of unlimited choice, the most innovative, cutting-edge packaging is often the most functional, easy to use, and personalized. That old Baby Boomer description, the "Me Generation," now applies to all consumers who want, and can attain, customized products easily and inexpensively.


The whole notion of customization as it relates to packaging is a significant way for brands to evolve and make meaningful inroads with their consumer base. Allowing consumers to pick and choose the experience they want from their favorite brands gives them a layer of freedom and control that once wasn't attainable. Today, a "brand's package" isn't limited to just the "outside" delivery vehicle or the manifestation we see on shelf. Rather, it's the total experience for the consumer. Today, consumers can interact with their form of the brand experience in a multitude of ways, from product to packaging, to social networking, and more.

On the beverage front


The beverage category continues to break new ground by exceeding consumer expectations; right now the standouts are MiO and Starbucks.

At MiO, having your drink your way is inherent to its "make it yours" proposition. In fact, MiO's liquid water enhancers from Kraft Foods are all about customization that answers the need for getting your water exactly the way you want it, when you want it. MiO's sleek, silver, "water drop" structure is unique, portable, and personal. Designed for multi-use throughout the day, MiO gives consumers the power to create their water their way (in fact 24 different ways), and each pack contains enough to "make it yours" 24 times...a day.

The package fits neatly in the hand, and employs modern graphics that cleverly cue flavor with color coding. The customization transcends the package and gives consumers permission to own the experience and engage with it on their terms.

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Online learning courses sharpen packagers' skills

Launched in August, the Packaging Education Alliance was created to provide in-depth online learning for packaging professionals, giving those working in packaging a way to expand their skills and advance their careers. The courses are also intended to help strengthen packaging's management and leadership role within business.

The alliance offers career development courses that focus on packaging as a management function. "The profession is growing in that direction," says Jim Peters, executive director of the Packaging Education Alliance. "We give those who have a base of packaging knowledge a way to gain greater impact on the business side. We expect those taking our courses to come away with skills to manage the function."

Initial courses include:

  • Strategic Path to Packaging Development
  • Holistic Design from Organization Through Shelf Impact
  • Packaging Innovation for Maximum Return
  • Consumer Insight to Drive Packaging Success

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Package Gallery

A closer look at the newest trends in today's packaging.

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'Funky cow' decorates milkshake packaging herd

U.K. lifestyle milkshake brand Shaken Udder is seeing significant sales growth in a 330-mL bottle from RPC Containers Llantrisant. The standard PET bottle, with a shape resembling a traditional milk churn, is supplied with a 38-mm three-start UCS neck. Shaken Udder co-founders Jodie Farran and Andrew Howie met at an agricultural university in 2003. Sharing a passion for delicious food and music festivals, they saw a gap in the market and launched 100% natural Shaken Udder milkshakes in 2004.

Initially, Shaken Udder bought small quantities of bottles from a distributor, but approached RPC Llantrisant after identifying a need to significantly increase volumes. The two companies have worked closely together as the brand has grown, becoming a high-profile fixture on the shelves of leading supermarkets and with a traveling retail stand at some of the U.K.'s biggest music festivals.

Earlier this year, Shaken Udder underwent a branding and labeling redesign, giving its "funky cow" icon increased prominence. During the redesign, the bottle shape was crucial, as it allowed space for the logo to be displayed prominently.

Being a small, artisan brand, Jodie Farran says Shaken Udder needed to make an impact on the shelf: "Aside from the natural ingredients and British milk that go into every shake, the funky cow really needed to stand out, so finding the right packaging was absolutely key.

"We chose the bottles from RPC because they were really unique and allowed our logo to sit comfortably and make the maximum impact on the shelf. When you're a small producer competing against so many big brands, it's essential you offer something different. I feel our packaging allows us to do just that.

"We also take our environmental impact very seriously, so choosing a bottle that could be recycled easily by the consumer was another key requirement." Volumes have steadily increased, and the milkshakes are now available in four flavors—Chocolush, Top Banana, Vanillalicious, and Strawberry Stash—from U.K. retailers that include Tesco, Selfridges, Harrods, Waitrose, and Sainsbury's.

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Spirits cooler gets a new label

Brutal Fruit, a South African Breweries brand and one of South Africa's favorite alcohol-based coolers, has relaunched with a brand new look.

First introduced in 2002, Brutal Fruit's image has changed over the years in an innovative category. In 2011 SAB moved away from Applied Ceramic Labeling and opted for pressure-sensitive body labels from Spear. The elegant labels not only help to stylize the package, but they're also cost-effective thanks to manufacturing and throughput efficiencies. Converting from the costly ACL decoration to p-s labeling has allowed Brutal Fruit's new-look pack to deliver on premium cues, while bringing substantial cost savings. Another benefit of the p-s label is the flexibility to produce promo labels for special events or competitions, if required.

The labels are printed on a flexo press. The elegant look was achieved by combining a high-luster UV silver ink with a stylish frost finish, created using a transparent white ink.

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'Nitro-fueled' soft drink aimed at late teens

Britvic has shaken up the soft drinks industry by giving its iconic Tango brand a new twist with the launch of Turbo Tango, a groundbreaking soft drinks innovation targeted at teens. The innovation features "nitro-fuelled" aerosol technology, which delivers a foamy blast of orange and a totally new drinking experience.

Britvic led a team of more than 40 international development partners to create the world's first plastic aerosol drink and has licensed rights to the patented technology that creates the foamy sensation. This technology has the potential to create a whole new future segment in the soft drinks market.

Turbo Tango is targeted at late teens, where early trials have been highly successful. It's been available since July in select stores. The limited-edition launch has focused on teen leisure and impulse outlets as well as selected cinemas throughout the summer.

Jonathan Gatward, marketing director at Britvic Soft Drinks, describes the new package as innovation at its finest. "Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Britvic," he says. "Our innovation team's pioneering spirit, scientific know-how, and technical expertise enable us to create drinks that are genuinely different and excite consumers. With Turbo Tango, we've gone one step further and come up with a world first that really is 'soft drink meets squirty cream.' Teen consumers told us they found the category 'samey' and were ready for something genuinely new and different. The reaction to Turbo Tango has been amazing from consumers and customers—we've certainly never had teens trying to buy a pack from us in research before."

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The package-to-Web connection
Argo Tea, Snikiddy snacks, Ritz crackers, and Stonyfield yogurt are just some of the packages used by Mark Mitchell, Interact Packaging's president and chief creative officer, to exhibit how brands are employing Web-based tools such as QR codes, Facebook, and Twitter to strengthen their relationship with consumers at the point of purchase and grow sales.

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