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Shelf Impact! Anne Marie Mohan

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September 23, 2011
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thumb 2011 Clear Choice Awards: Innovation in glass pack design recognized

This year's awards recognize 10 CPGs for their achievements

thumbPackage Gallery

Consumer value critical in mobile marketing success

By Anne Marie Mohan, Editor

Over the past two years, the U.S. has seen tremendous growth in the use of interactive mobile marketing technologies to connect savvy consumer brands with their increasingly mobile-enabled consumers. First emerging as a trickle and now as a flood, mobile marketing campaigns have sprung up on the pages of newspapers and magazines, on billboards and in kiosks, and on point-of-purchase retail displays and packaging across the country.

According to a study by comScore, in June alone, 14 million mobile device users in the U.S.—or 6% of the total mobile audience—scanned a Quick Response code. While newspapers and magazines were the most scanned mediums, packaging came in second, at 35.3%.

And the rate of growth in code-scanning traffic is remarkable. Reports Mobile Marketing on a recent Scanbuy survey, "Bar-code scanning traffic increased more than 800 percent year-over-year [from Jan. 1 to March 31], proving that consumers are willing to participate in promotions that are based on this technology."

For consumer packaged goods companies, on-pack mobile marketing offers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with consumers at the point of purchase and beyond. As marketers are learning, however, the effectiveness of mobile marketing tools to enhance brand loyalty, actively engage consumers, and drive repeat purchases is ultimately dependent on the value and creativity of the content provided.

This article explores four examples of CPGs that have successfully leveraged a range of on-pack mobile marketing technologies to add excitement and relevance to their brands and to drive increased sales.

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2011 Clear Choice Awards: Innovation in glass pack design recognized

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) has announced the winners of its 2011 Clear Choice Awards. Sponsored by GPI since 1989, the awards honor consumer product goods manufacturers that expand the frontiers of glass packaging design by using glass containers in innovative ways.

This year's awards recognize 10 CPGs for their achievements in 10 categories: Beer, Wine, Food, Carbonated Beverage, Non-Carbonated Beverage, Organic Food or Beverage, Distilled Spirits, Flavored Alcoholic Beverage, Ccosmetics or Fragrances, and Conversion Recognition (products that have been converted to glass packaging from other forms of packaging).

"These winning package designs demonstrate that glass continues to be the 'clear choice' for consumers who want a package that complements today's healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyles," says Lynn Bragg, GPI president, who notes that glass is one of the "greenest" packaging choices, being 100% and endlessly recyclable. "Additionally, nothing communicates purity, quality, and value to consumers like a well-designed glass package."

The GPI named the winners of its 22nd Annual Clear Choice Awards through a virtual event on the GPI Web site featuring videos and photos of award-winning product designs. The winners are as follows:

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Package Gallery

A closer look at the newest trends in today's packaging.

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Diet Coke gets dressed for autumn

This fall, in a nod to the millions of people leaving a relaxing summer behind and embarking on a reenergized autumn, Diet Coke is launching a new, refreshed ad campaign and limited-time-only can design.

"Fall is a time for new looks and renewed energy, and Diet Coke's new campaign and can design celebrate just that," says William White, group brand director, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola North America. "It's a reflection of the self-assured and confident people who enjoy Diet Coke every day."

The latest evolution in Diet Coke's iconic Stay Extraordinary campaign, the new can design is created by San Francisco-based design agency Turner Duckworth. The design features a section of the Diet Coke logo, cropped to feature the "D" and the "k," set against the brand's signature silver backdrop, creating a bold look for fall. Despite the change, the taste will remain the same.

"The new Diet Coke design is at once understated and overstated," says David Turner, partner Turner Duckworth. "The understatement of a monogram, rather than the full name, and the overstatement of the extremely enlarged logo, both demonstrate the brand's renewed self-confidence."

The new package design has inspired the overall visual identity of Diet Coke, and has been featured in recent digital and out-of-home activations. In a Twitter promotion in July, Diet Coke designed mini-fridges stocked with Diet Coke that were delivered to the brand's most loyal followers. In the outdoor campaign, the cropped-logo design is featured in placements around the country.

The new can and packaging design for Diet Coke began appearing in market Sept. 1 and will make way on store shelves for holiday-themed cans in November.

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Artisan cottage cheese gets glass jar packaging

Traders Point Creamery, a Zionsville, IN, dairy owned by Jane Elder Kunz and Fritz Kunz, offers artisan products made with 100% grass-fed organic milk and is committed to the health of its customers and the planet. "Since Fritz is a physician, health is an important part of our 'M.O.,'" reveals Elder Kunz.

In 2006, the dairy introduced its cottage cheese product, which Traders Point describes as "the closest consumers can get to the original recipe that was crafted in cottages going back hundreds of years." Since then, the Kunz say they have "relentlessly" searched for a glass alternative to the square plastic container they used to launch the product, for two reasons. "One is that our cottage cheese is made in a very special, old-fashioned European way that is not found easily today…so this is a very deserving product," says Elder Kunz. "The second reason is that we believe there are health benefits to storing food products in glass, where plastic outgasses and may have hormone disruptors."

According to The Glass Packaging Institute, glass is the only packaging material rated "GRAS" or "generally regarded as safe" by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

In August, Traders Point began packing its cottage cheese in a round, wide-mouth, 16-oz glass jar, manufactured by Verallia and distributed through Stanpac. The clear glass jar joins the company's other glass-packed dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and spreadable cheeses, and allows consumers to see the creamy cottage cheese product within. A gold metal lid from Tecnocap tops the jar. Says Elder Kunz of the new jar: "We are basically catering to our customers, who love the aesthetics, health benefits, and recyclability of the glass."

Package graphics, found on a clear, shrink-sleeve label and on the jar lid, were developed by Elder Kunz and a local designer, Jennifer Bradley Designs (317/769-3161), to convey nostalgia and the creaminess of the product. The company logo is positioned on the front of the label to appear like "dripped cream." Pastoral artwork on the jar lid, donated by local artist Nancy Noel, depicts a cow-a symbol used "to connect man with nature," says Elder Kunz.

Since Traders Point Creamery's cottage cheese product was re-introduced in May at Whole Foods Market and at the dairy's on-site store, sales have increased in current locations, and more retailers have inquired about putting the product on their shelf, Elder Kunz relates. "It's almost like a new product," she says. "No one really seems to remember the old package."

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evian adds a splash of fashion's influence

A new limited-edition package design for evian mineral water combines the bottled water brand's free-minded spirit with the nonconventional creativity of French fashion design house Courrèges.

Courrèges, approaching the eve of its 50-year anniversary, is known for pioneering key trends though the decades, from having discovered pants for women in 1963 to starting the mini-skirt revolution. Reports, "The house of Courrèges is driven by the will to free women from the classical conventions of fashion by developing new forms, implementing new materials and using vibrant colors."

The evian bottle by Courrèges, which launced globally Sept. 8, features the design house's elegant white and pink emblematic flower (introduced in 1967) on the backdrop of evian's iconic glass bottle silhouette. Printed with organic ink for the first time, the bottle is 100% recyclable.

Source: Lovely Package

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HDPE jar replaces composite can for Horlicks

Horlicks 200-g pack sizes of Malt Choc and Malt drinking powder have a new look now that they are packaged in a high-density polyethylene jar.


The jar is made by RPC Containers UKSC and filled for the makers of Horlicks by Aimia Foods. The 200-g variant is the smallest size in the Horlicks range, ensuring that consumers can enjoy the great taste whatever their budget.

This drink had previously been packaged in a composite can. The switch to plastics reflects the material's versatility as a durable pack format combining eye-catching shelf presence and recyclability.

RPC UKSC has supplied the blow-molded jar in natural HDPE, which is then capped and decorated by Aimia using a shrink-sleeve label. "We've been impressed with the versatility of this HDPE jar," explains Jonathan Lee of Aimia Foods. "We're confident that its combination of good looks and functionality will enhance the Horlicks experience for consumers.

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