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DuPont packaging exchange focuses on improving sustainability and reducing waste

June 13, 2011
10 to 11 a.m., EDT

Bob Lilienfeld of "The Use Less Stuff Report"
-The sustainable packaging paradox;
Peter Clarke, CEO-product ventures-the future of package design and its challenges.

23rd DuPont Packaging Award winners will also be announced.


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May 27, 2011
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thumb Online networks improving speed-to-market

By streamlining its brand assets, one healthcare company has improved communication and visual consistency-and it expects to save $11 million or more.

thumbPackage Gallery

Graphic elements become interactive tools in Coors Light campaign

By Anne Marie Mohan, Editor

MillerCoors combines compelling NFL-themed carton graphics with an interactive on-pack sweepstakes to score more beer sales during the 2011 Super Bowl season.


TFor a Coors Light Super Bowl XLV beer promotion, parent company MillerCoors used the power of packaging to attract and engage its football-fan consumers in a new way. Capitalizing on its status as the official beer sponsor for the NFL, last December MillerCoors launched football-themed packaging with an interactive on-pack sweepstakes that offered inside access to the 2011 Super Bowl.

The campaign involved the input of both digital and traditional marketing agencies. MillerCoors' digital agency of record, Razorfish, spearheaded the mobile marketing aspect, while brand consulting and design firm Landor Associates created compelling package graphics. For the on-pack sweepstakes, Razorfish selected SnapTag™ technology from SpyderLynk, a seamless tagging technology that allows consumers to easily connect with brands using their mobile camera phones.

"Coors Light wanted to provide unthinkable access to the Super Bowl, so we worked with Razorfish and SpyderLynk to develop a campaign that delivers new ways for our fans to experience the big game alongside our brand," says Dan Hennessy, Coors Light marketing director.

Regional variations enabled

According to SpyderLynk CMO Jane McPherson, the Coors Light Super Bowl campaign represents the largest execution to-date of the company's SnapTag technology. As she explains, a SnapTag consists of two elements: a brand logo, or something iconic to the brand, encircled by a "code ring" programmed with variable code-ring breaks. The tag can be printed on packaging, advertisements, billboards, or other brand materials. Consumers use their camera phones to snap and send a photo of the SnapTag to a designated short code or email address. A response is then returned to the consumer by way of a text or multimedia message, which can then evolve into further dialog between the consumer and the brand.

The Coors Light promotion used the brand's mountain icon as the SnapTag logo. SpyderLynk developed SnapTag code-ring variations, representing 11 separate sets of prizes, or responses, for the MillerCoors campaign. When the consumer sent a Coors Light SnapTag to SpyderLynk via their mobile device, SpyderLynk associated its code-ring break with a specific response, enabling regional variations in the promotion. According to McPherson, the code ring can be programmed in "tens of thousands of variations," which means MillerCoors can use the same SnapTag logo for future promotions.

Alternating panels entice, educate

While Razorfish and SpyderLynk took care of the technical aspects of the MillerCoors promotion, Landor was tasked with creating enticing package graphics that would stand out on cluttered store shelves during the busy football season, while educating consumers on how to enter the digitally enabled sweepstakes. In the area of packaging, SnapTags were used on secondary cartons for bottles and cans.

"The biggest thing we discussed [with MillerCoors] was to break through and be impactful on shelf by creating packaging that was different than the traditional template format, and to communicate Coors Light's relationship with the NFL and the Super Bowl," says Adam Weiner, client manager at Landor. "We also needed to educate the Coors Light shopper and consumer around this new entry mechanism [SnapTag] and how they could use it to access the sweepstakes."

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Online networks improving speed-to-market

By Jim George

By streamlining its brand assets, one healthcare company has improved communication and visual consistency-and it expects to save $11 million or more.

Retail markets are evolving rapidly, requiring brand owners to react faster and more nimbly than ever, if they want their brands to thrive. Areas where design teams are particularly under pressure involve brand development and product life-cycle management-including critical components such as packaging specs.

The management of all these assets is tough enough for many consumer packaged goods companies. It often worsens when products are marketed globally. The process is tedious because packages and other brand assets are developed from an array of sources, such as design agencies, worldwide. When that happens, the result often is packaging that doesn't look consistent on shelf from country to country.

New graphic life-cycle management systems are coming onto the market to help brand owners solve this challenge as it relates to the design-to-print process. CPG companies that are using these systems are beginning to achieve success. However, for proprietary reasons, they hesitate to discuss the details. But, Shelf Impact!, working with Sun Branding Solutions, one provider of such systems, culled together a generalized case study based in part on a CPG company's approach using its Online Digital Information Network (ODIN) to store, access, rout, and distribute brand assets, such as package-design files.

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Package Gallery

A closer look at the newest trends in today's packaging.

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Label adds splash of flair to dairy's marketing effort

Roberts Dairy Foods, Omaha, NE, puts its namesake milk through rigorous quality testing, and it is leveraging the label on its milk cartons to reflect the product's high standard.

The new label brings back the symbol of quality from Quality Chekd, a red check mark inside a blue-colored letter Q. That symbol signifies Roberts Dairy Foods as a Quality Chekd dairy. Quality Chekd uses an independent laboratory to test Roberts Dairy Food products monthly. The products undergo bacterial and chemical product testing, in addition to certification of the milk containers, to assure top-quality freshness and flavor. The dairy further signifies the freshness-and the refreshing taste of the milk-with a colorful illustration of a milk splash on the label. "Roberts Dairy Foods' new logo shows a splash of fresh flavor, putting a 'splash' visual element to the quality and freshness that have become synonymous with the company's products," says Al Streeter, marketing manager at the dairy.

Streeter adds, "Roberts Dairy is proud to be a fresh and local product. The new 'splash' logo associated with the new label comes along with the tagline, 'A splash of fresh flavor,' to support our fresh and local marketing campaign."

The label also provides enough real estate for two banners communicating the brand's secondary messages of "Farmer-Owned" and "No Artificial Growth Hormones." The pressure-sensitive labels are provided by KDV Label and flexo-printed in six colors.

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GSK's new Sensodyne pack bubbles with tactile feel

Chesapeake Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging has helped to develop a range of striking packs for GSK's global launch of its new Sensodyne Repair & Protect oral care product. The packs, which are the result of close collaboration between Chesapeake, GSK's internal packaging design team and API, incorporate 3D bubbles designed to be so intriguing you feel compelled to touch the carton.

The 3D feature simulates the effect of looking at a life-like model of a tooth as well as close-up images that help to describe the benefits of using the product. The effect is achieved by the incorporation of a series of Fresnel lenses into the cartonboard. The lens area is then overprinted. The resulting life-like perspective produces the impression of depth that provides the pack with a tactile quality that is further enhanced by the carton's beveled edge.

Bobby O'Connor, Chesapeake's divisional sales and key account director, said, "GSK's intention was to create a pack that was eye-catching but reinforced the brand's qualities. 3D techniques have been used on packaging before but we believe this is the first time they have used it to support a high-volume brand."

The new cartons have been launched in various global markets, including Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

The carton, produced at Chesapeake's Nottingham and Leicester facilities, is printed in five colors plus both matte and gloss finish to provide differentiation and brand enhancement through tactile feeling.

Duncan Macnally, managing director Nottingham & Leicester, said, "The key to the carton's execution is with repro and print, which has to be 100-percent accurate to ensure we get the best from the effect. Print registration is also critical, demanding constant attention to detail."

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Anniversary bottles enable Redhook fans to partake, reminisce

Craft beers are hot with consumers, but even they can't rest on their laurels. At some point, the longstanding among these upstart brews move toward status as mature brands, and they have to reinvent themselves.

Redhook Brewery, Woodinville, WA, has reached this point in celebrating its 30th year, and the company is acknowledging the milestone with a rebranding effort for its Redhook brand, including new packaging.

"There seems to be a movement within the craft beer community where a lot of breweries are trying to 'out-craft' each other," says Robert Rentsch, brand manager at the Redhook Brewery. "Redhook isn't about that. Of course, we're brewing great beer, but we're just as interested in having a great time. We think our new look reflects our personality well."

The new look includes cut-and-stack labels, litho-printed in four or five spot colors, which pass the "findability test" on store shelves and help shoppers to grab and go in the beer aisle. A different color scheme signals each beer style-red for Amble Ale, copper for Copperhook, green for IPA, and golden yellow for Pilsner. In addition, Redhook's simple "beer-o-meter" icon on the side of the label helps shoppers choose from refreshing, smooth, bold, and dark varieties.

As part of the redesign, Redhook returned to its basic roots, with a no-frills glass bottle from Owens-Illinois. The bottle caps depict iconic images and phrases of Redhook's storied 30-year history in the Seattle area, including the Fremont Troll or the Space Needle.

The branding look extends to the carrier cases for each beer variety.

Redhook is distributed nationally in grocery and liquor stores and bars. The new bottles launched in mid-March on the West Coast and will roll out nationally throughout 2011, Rentsch says.

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