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Packaging World      Special Projects Editor, Gretchen Edelbrock
SPONSOR: Label-Aire December 2, 2011 | Edited by Gretchen Edelbrock

Label-Aire Labeling System Boosts Efficiencies >>

Learn about how our Inline 5100 Labeling System helped a automotive fuel additive company enhance its wrap labeling capabilities while cutting costs. To speak to a Label-Aire Authorized Distributor, visit us on the web or call us Toll Free (866) 384-0700.


Label-Aire: See our new top/bottom print-and-apply labeling system >>

Label-Aire, Inc. provides advanced and reliable pressure-sensitive labeling machinery to blue-chip firms the world over. -- 866-384-0700.


Label-Aire's New Line of Rotary Turntables >>

Label-Aire's line of rotary turntables are designed to increase the efficiency and throughput of your labeling system. To find out more, visit us on the web or call us Toll Free (866) 384-0700.


How Reliable Is Your Labeler? >>

We've built pressure-sensitive labeling equipment for almost every application imaginable, so we know a thing or two about reliability. To find out more, visit us on the web or call us Toll Free (866) 384-0700.


See the PharmaPack-US high-speed capper in action >>

The PCL-15FT is a versatile press-on and screw-on automatic capper designed for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, food, beverage, health/beauty, and confection industries. Its automatic rejection feature rejects inverted caps to provide continuous product throughput and features speeds up to 150 bpm.



Economical blow-on label applicator

Designed for non-contact label application, ID Technology’s Model ST1000 Label Applicator is available with a standard blow-on label applicator module. A fan is used to create a low-pressure, high-volume vacuum to hold the label in place, on a grid, until label application. A high-pressure jet of air, through a controlled pattern of tubes blows the label onto the product. The air tubes can be arranged in a variety of patterns to accommodate most label shapes from .5-in. x .5-in. up to 4.5-in. x 4.5-in., without the need for change parts... Read more

Continuous ink jet printer applies codes on 2 sides at once

The Videojet® 1610 Dual Head small character continuous ink jet printer has two printheads that can run independently or in tandem to meet a wide range of applications including applications that require printing on two locations on a single product, or on multiple lanes on a traversing unit. The 1610 printer can print up to 5 lines of high-resolution code per printhead at speeds up to 960 ft./min. for applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco and building materials. Both printheads feature an advanced, Clean Flow... Read more

Automated palletizers

TopTier’s DS series automated palletizers are designed for higher-speed applications and are available in single-pusher, double-pusher and layer pre-build models. Single Pusher models have a single pusher: slower-speed designs do not require the pusher to raise vertically and return over a row under construction; faster versions have a vertically reciprocating pusher. Double pushers are used for higher rates or when each row needs to be discreetly positioned on the layer apron: each pusher vertically reciprocates when returning and act... Read more

Laser marker provides high-speed marking

Able to mark materials that traditional CO2 markers cannot mark, in addition to marking metals, foils, plastics and composites, the EV-40 Laser Marker from Telesis Technologies includes their proprietary Merlin software, Q-switched Nd:YV04 diode-pumped, air-cooled laser design, and a high-speed digital galvo scanner. The laser beam characteristics of small beam diameter and long focal length combined with high pulse energies (over 2mJ at 10KHZ) and high average powers allows the EV40 to achieve high-speed marking-on-the-fly (MOTF)... Read more

Permanent Magnet (PM) product line increases power density and synchronous (non-slip) speed performance

Baldor’s RPM AC permanent magnet (PM) product line, which performs like a high horsepower servo motor with low rotor inertia and high power density, has been expanded to include a finned laminated 440 frame (FL440) that extends the product line’s horsepower range to 800 HP enclosed blower cooled and 1200 HP using open force ventilated construction. Now available in the NEMA frame sizes 180, 210, 250, 280 and 440 with permanent magnet rotor construction... Read more

Sanitary-specific bag dump station protects product from contamination

National Bulk Equipment’s sanitary-specific bag dump station is designed and built to be compliance-ready at start-up and to ensure optimal compliance contribution (OCC) during operation and cleaning in even the most stringent sanitary applications. The construction of this NBE sanitary bag dump station meets the FDA, cGMP definition for product safety and cleanability according to 21CFR110.40. A single-sheet, hopper-and-hood design formed of 304-2b stainless steel... Read more

Conventional palletizer with robotic capability

Columbia Machine’s R-Factor hybrid palletizer technology combines robotic capability and a simple conventional palletizer using technologies from Rockwell Automation, Agile Planet and Motoman. Instead of having to combine 2 independent control technologies to manage the functions of the robot arm and the basic machine control, all of that is done through the ControlLogix PLC. This provides increased reliability and pattern forming capability, and allows plant personnel to easily understand and maintain the system... Read more

High-speed case erector uses soy-based cool adhesive

A-B-C’s Model 450 high-speed case erector uses soy-based Liquamelt adhesive from H.B. Fuller as a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based hot melt. Designed for speeds up to 50 cpm and offering reliable mechanical operation and a servo-operated sealing ram, the Model 450 case erector helps packagers increase productivity while the new Liquamelt adhesive reduces their costs. Liquamelt is liquid at ambient temperatures, eliminating the need for heated premelt tanks and heated hoses, reducing packagers’ energy costs... Read more

Horizontal long dwell flow wrapper useful for MAP

Bosch Packaging Technology’s Pack 301 LD (Long Dwell) revolving sealing system produces air-tight end seals, detects product between cross-sealing jaws to minimize cleaning time and reduce downtime, and provides simplified cleaning and maintenance. The Pack 301 LD is particularly useful for the packaging of fresh, perishable goods where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is requested. Also, products packed in thick film such as medical goods can be easily sealed using this new system. With a sealing time of up to one second, the... Read more

Servo-driven side seal horizontal shrink wrapper

ARPAC’s continuous motion XLR8 Servo-Driven Side Seal Horizontal Shrink Wrapper wraps up to 100 packages/min. in clear or print registered film. The seal bar can be converted from a horizontal to vertical configuration to accommodate taller products. The XLR8 film folding system eliminates the need for multiple forming heads with its adjustable film former. Its film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration, making it useful for multipacks and irregular shaped products... Read more

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Join Contract Packaging Asssociation members at their annual gathering, held this year at Gran Melia Hotel & Resort, Rio Grande, Puerto, Rico on February 23-26.

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