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Blister packer feeds three different tablets for Amway

Amway's Nutrilite Div. blister-packs three dissimilar, tough-to-feed vitamin tablets on one blister card. New equipment provides substantial savings over contract packaging.
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Three different feeders?a brush box for sticky gel capsules and two  channel feeders for compressed round and oval tablets?are uThree different feeders?a brush box for sticky gel capsules and two  channel feeders for compressed round and oval tablets?are uIndividual blister packs convey into a wire twist assembly that rotates packages 90? for end-load cartoning. The wire twist asse

Putting several dissimilar vitamin tablets on a single blister card can be a real challenge. That's what Amway's Nutrilite Div. discovered as it moved its NUTRIEDGE(TM) antioxidant dietary supplement packaging in-house instead of contracting it out.

The blister cards contain one beta carotene gel capsule two round vitamin C hard-pressed tablets and an oval vitamin E hard-pressed tablet. Nutrilite encountered three problems. First the round vitamin C tablets tended to shingle during feeding. Second the soft gel beta carotene capsule can be sticky hampering feeding. And third the vitamin E capsule has an oval shape that makes it difficult to consistently place on its back in the blister cavity.

After looking at blister packers from several manufacturers Nutrilite chose Campak USA (Livingston NJ) to engineer a completely integrated packaging line from thermoforming through cartoning. All of the components on the machine are from Campak except for a foil imprinter from Adolph Gottscho (Union NJ). The line has been operating successfully since its January '97 installation.

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The Campak machine is interesting because it incorporates one universal or brush-style feeder and two dedicated or channel-type feeders all on the same machine. The feeding section was extended an additional 31" to accommodate this unusual combination of feeders.

"It was a complicated project that took a lot of engineering" says Bryan Auxier who oversees the 25 sq' packaging operation at Nutrilite's 23-acre campus in Buena Park CA. "We spent close to a year just working out the details" he adds.

Packaging for four countries

The vitamins are packed 20 to a card consisting of five perforated strips of four tablets each (one beta carotene two vitamin C and one vitamin E). Each strip constitutes a daily dose and is separated by the consumer at point of use. Six five-dose cards are packed in each carton a month's supply. The product is sold in the U.S. Canada U.K. and Germany. On the day of Packaging World's visit product for the U.S. market was being packaged.

The line operates at 135 blister cards/min. It starts out as 11-mil Pentapharm® ACLAR® sheet from Klockner Pentaplast (Gordonsville VA) unwinds from a roll and enters the thermoforming section. (ACLAR is a registered trademark of AlliedSignal Inc.) Blisters are formed thr