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Product Summary: Integrated,start-to-finish, foil-based packaging solutions for pharma and food industries.
View our product portfolio, including push-through and peelable blister foils; cold-formable foils for absolute barrier to moisture and oxygen; heat-seal coatings for PVC, PVdC, Aclar® laminations, PET, PP and Barex®; stick pack materials and more.

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North America
Laminates and Coldform Foil - 18 month after date of delivery Blister Lidding Foil - 24 month after date of delivery
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Global production and service network. High quality-standards. Drug master-file approved packaging materials. Leading with state-of-the-art-production technologies: aluminum rolling, printing, extrusion-laminating, lacquering, extrusion coating.
Address:  1111 Northpoint Blvd.
City:  Blythewood
State:  SC
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Country:  United States
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City: Blythewood
State: South Carolina
Country: United States
Type of Service Performed: Packaging materials supply

Constantia Flexibles International GmbH

Constantia Flexibles offers integrated, start-to-finish foil-based packaging solutions to the North American pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Constantia Flexibles’ technologies and services include laminating, coating, rotogravure and flexographic printing, metalizing, holography, slitting,
in-house graphics preparation and cylinder engraving.

Constantia Flexibles’ portfolio of products includes push-through and peelable blister foils; cold-formable foils for absolute barrier to moisture and oxygen; heat-seal coatings for PVC, PVdC, Aclar® laminations, PET, PP and Barex®; two-sided registered printing for compliance-style packaging; text- and barcode printable white-lacquered foils; and child-resistant, senior-friendly and anti-counterfeiting structures.

CPI Security Foil Developed especially for aluminum-based pharmaceutical primary packaging applications, this unique foil allows for fine-line graphics, text, logos and micro-features to be applied directly to the surface of the aluminum during the rolling process. Because the images are embedded in the foil, they cannot be removed. In addition, the high precision laser technology that created CPI Security Foil is not readily known, so it cannot be imitated by counterfeiters. This product can be used for push-through blister foil, child-resistant foils, cold-form foil, pouches, sachets and induction seals for bottles

Cold form and child-resistant foil: Constantia Flexibles is a leading provider of cold form foils offering ultimate protection against moisture, light, oxygen and other gases. Various material compositions are available for cold form, including PA-aluminum-heat seal lacquer; PA-aluminum-PVC; PA-aluminum-PP; PA-aluminum-PE; PVC-PA-aluminum-PVC; and PP-PA-aluminum-PP. Constantia Flexibles also offers a wide variety of child-resistant blister lidding foil. Various material compositions combine for the ability to seal to PVC, PVDC-coated PVC, PE, PP, and high-barrier base webs. A range of opening systems are available, including push-through, peel-off, peel & push, and bend & tear.

Deep-drawn aluminum container for pharma devices: Constantia Flexibles has developed a deep-drawn aluminum container for pharmaceutical devices. Known as Constantia Safemax, the innovation offers dramatic improvement over traditional packaging in protecting pharmaceutical devices against moisture ingress during global distribution. For customers, the container’s conveniently peelable lidding foil also makes it easy to open. To produce Constantia Safemax’s deep-drawn tray, aluminum is laminated to polyprolypene and then combined with a lidding foil particularly known for its consumer peelability. The result is exemplary seal integrity with easy opening characteristics. Safemax also is customizable: its exact design and format can be readily tailored to ensure that the pharma device is successfully delivered to individual patients.

Constantia Flexibles developed Stick Packs with a laser-perforated opening aid. The PET or paper in the seam area is partially removed and the aluminum layer remains intact, ensuring the stick's impermeability. Benefits include a predetermined breaking point for easy-to-open packaging; a flexible perforation layout for customization; child-resistant options and capabilities; a package that remains impermeable to O2 and moisture; and a significantly lower use of material equaling a cost savings of up to 40% when compared to square sachets.

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Research and development centers in Germany, Austria and Spain. Clear focus on selected products, technologies and raw material. Blisterline for R&D purposes and test runs. Cooperation with research centers and universities all over the world. Close cooperation with industry partners to ensure compatibility of materials.
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